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Provincial Labour Office Phetchabun


General terrain of Phetchabun province. Phetchabun mountains contain. Is a shoe. The area north of the province. A parallel between the two above. East and west. Represents area of approximately 40 percent of total space. A plain in central and southern districts of the province. Prone area from north to south. The area of forest plantation 3,624,830 are 45.78 percent, representing a wild river. Line is the most important river of the province. Flow through the central provinces from north to south length of approximately 350 kilometers upstream from the mountains ผาลา in all provinces. There are several creek stream from Phetchabun mountains. River flows through a forest district in Phetchabun Hlemekea Hlemsak Nungpai Bungsampan Wiechiirburi and Srietp.


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