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Provincial Labour Office Phetchabun

Mon Labor Phetchabun training sufficiency economy to alleviate suffering career.


Phetchabun Province. The provincial labor office. Training sufficient economy. To alleviate suffering career. Under the project enhance the unemployed.

Mr. Chit Chai equation อุปฮาด workers Phetchabun province revealed that the economic crisis. That affect the manufacturing and service sectors. Making the workplace affairs lay employees. Disease problems create fear throughout the world with a new influenza strain 2009 that the tourism sector of Thailand has been affected. Resulting in reduced number of tourists. As well as problems caused by natural disasters such as flood, drought struck cataract land rush. Cause damage area farming. Labor sector, farmers have suffered. Both made to eat. And housing. All these problems cause damage in the overview of the country. But those most affected are those who labor. Whether a group of labor in industry, service sector and agriculture sector, tourism, general labor. Such problems may be expanded to other problems such as the crime. Of entering the drug trade procuring fraudulent identification. The basic problem that causes is to promote the public know “the idea is to eat enough by way of the philosophy of sufficiency economy”. 

The office workers Phetchabun province. Has conducted training programs for economic sufficiency. To the suffering experienced professional with knowledge and understanding of the sufficiency economy theory. Royal by His Majesty’s. And the knowledge gained through training. And from practice to the professionals. Used to manage the household economy. Revenue goals to their families and training to 1,000 people, all allowances will be 180 Baht per day throughout the training. For Model 1, the training hall Wiechiirburi district. Between 17 -25 December 2552 among 480 people received training in the morning ceremony Mr. Pang heal Wanch Bora organizations Deputy Governor as President, Phetchabun Province afternoon said glass lotus gold Advisory Minister of Labor. Describe the scientific knowledge sufficient to guide the economy to benefit themselves and society.