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Provincial Labour Office Phetchabun

Mon Phetchabun create volunteer labor workers. Coordinates of workers in economic crisis.


Office workers Phetchabun province. Create volunteer workers Phetchabun province. Coordinates workforce during economic crisis. Aims to have 612 employees within this year. 

Mr. Chit Chai equation อุปฮาด workers Phetchabun province, said the Ministry of Labor has focused on community development from the grassroots level. The opportunity for citizens to participate in the operations of the Ministry of Labor, but more because agencies under the Ministry of Labor. No officials in the district has community networking as a “volunteer” to serve as publishing information. And liaise between the public workforce in areas under the Government. Ministry of Labor. The volunteer workers Phetchabun province. Play an important role in the proposed building work is public benefit. People can use together. Committee to Help Victims of natural Phetchabun provincial Ministry of Labor. 

Phetchabun Province. Volunteer workers are a mainstay in every district and then. And more than two hundred. You also do not include the village / community. Office workers Phetchabun province. Target has created a volunteer workforce to have 612 people by the year 2552.